How to create Filters in Mozilla Thunderbird

Creating Filters in Thunderbird
      Having a big flow of e-mail’s dropping in your inbox can be time consuming to read, to deal with this and save yourself some time, and be able to read the right e-mails first, you might want to add a filter so Thunderbird can place the different mails in different folders. In this article I will try to show you how to make such a filter.

First thing you need to do is create a new folder, I will use the folder “Techsupp247” as the target mail folder.

As you see I’ve highlighted “Local Folders”, right click in “Folders” menu and choose “New folder”, you will now get this window.

Name your folder (I used “Techsupp247”, choose whatever you like), choose where it should be located and press “OK”.  If things are done right, you should now have a new subfolder under “Local folders”. You can also choose to make a new folder during the setup of making a filter, but I found it more easy to make the folder first.

To setup a filter in Thunderbird, go to Tools, and click “Message Filters”. The “Message Filters” window will pop up. Click New, and the Filter Rules dialog will open.

Make sure you type a descriptive Filter Name that you’ll remember in six month – “TechSupp247” is not ideal, for example.

The best way is to explore a bit on your own for what settings you want. I made a filter which filters mail with comes to the mail address “”, and place them in the folder “TechSupp247 and labels it as Important (gives it a bright, easy to spot color).  When you are done, press “OK”, and you’ll get this window:

Massage rules or filters is also available with other email clients like Microsoft office outlook etc

This above steps can be followed on Windows Xp and Windows 7

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