How to export calendar in Outlook 2007

     Exporting your calendar from Outlook 2007 is a way to back up your calendar to keep the information secure in case you need to restore it or to import the calendar into another program. The calendar file can be saved in another location on your computer, a disk drive or a portable device. It is fairly easy to export the calendar in Outlook 2007. It only takes a few minutes and a couple of clicks to have the Outlook 2007 calendar exported and saved on your computer.
1. Open Microsoft office Outlook 2007.

2. Click on “File,” “Import and Export.” The “Import and Export” wizard will begin.

3.Click “Export to a file” and click “Next.”

4.Choose the file type to export it to. If you want to keep it in the regular Outlook format, choose “Personal Folder File (.pst).” To export it into another program like Excel, you can choose “Microsoft Excel 97-2003” or for Access “Microsoft Access 97-2003.” For another program, choose one of the other options, such as comma-separated or tab-separated delimited file types. Click “Next.”

5.Click “Calendar” in the next window. This will ensure that the calendar is what you are exporting. Click “Next.”

6.Choose a location to export the calendar to by clicking “Browse.” Click “Finish” once you are done to export the calendar to the location you specified.

These steps can be followed on windows Xp and Windows 7


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