How to send same reply to multiple mails in a folder in Outlook

               An easy way to address all mails in a folder is by creating a rule and run it manually. If you need more flexibility, then exporting the folder to an Excel sheet and running a mail merge would be a better solution.

Run a reply message rule manually

Probably the easiest solution is to create a message rule which replies with a specific message and then to run that rule manually. The rule will then be executed for each message in that folder (but only once for each sender) no matter when they were received. This is a 3 step process.

Create the message template for your reply;

   1. Start a new message and type the feedback and thank you message. Include a subject but do not address the message. Optionally you can add an attachment.
   2. Save the message as an oft-file to a convenient location.

If there is no option to safe as an oft-file, you are probably using Outlook 2003 or previous and have Word set as the email editor. In order to get the oft-file option, you’ll need to set Outlook as your e-mail editor (Tools-> Options..-> tab Mail Format).


Create the reply rule via the rules creation wizard;

   1. You can find the rules creation wizard via;
          * Outlook 2010
            File-> Manage Rules & Alerts

   2. Start with a blank rule which should take action when a new message is being received.
   3. You do not need to set any conditions and need to dismiss the warning after clicking Next.
   4. As an action select the option; reply using a specific template
   5. Click on “a specific template” at the bottom of the dialog.
   6. In the “Select a Reply Template” dialog, expand the “Look In” list and select “User Templates in File System”.
   7. Click on the Browser… button and browse to location where you saved the oft-template in step 2.
   8. Advance through the wizard until you reach the final step. Here, disable the option; Turn on this rule”.

Now that the reply rule has been created, you can run the rule manually so it will be executed for all messages in a specific folder;
  1. In the Rules and Alerts dialog box, press on the Run Rules Now… button.
  2. Select the created reply rule.
  3. Select the folder which contains all the messages that you want to send a reply to.
  4. Press “Run Now” 

These steps can be followed in Windows Xp and Windows 7

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