How to create today’s unread mails search folder in Outlook


                  Do you want to conveniently manage all your mail you’ve received today even when you have rules configured which scatter them across different folders?

     “Today’s Unread Mail” Search Folder. As the name suggests, it contains all the emails you have received today but haven’t read yet. As it is a Search Folder, it doesn’t matter in which folder you have received the message.

Steps to be followed:

   1. Start with a New Search folder;
          * Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007
           Click on File then New Now select Search Folder.
   2. Scroll to the bottom of the New Search Folder dialog and choose;
      Custom-> Create a custom Search Folder

   3. Press button “Choose”

   4. Name: Today’s Unread Mail

   5. Press button “Criteria”

   6. On the Messages tab set the following condition
      Time: received today

   7. On the More Choices tab set the following condition
      Only items that are: unread

   8. Press OK

   9. Press button “Browse”

  10. Deselect the option “Outlook Today” and select the following folders;
      Drafts, Inbox, Outbox
  11. Verify that the option “Search in sub folders” is enabled

  12. Press OK to close the open dialog

These steps can be followed in Windows XP and Windows 7.

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