How to flag mails as irrelevant after specific time in Outlook 2010

How can I mark a message, similar to flagging a message, as “irrelevant” after a certain date?

For this Outlook has the “Expires after” message option. When the set date is reached, the message will appear in a Grey strike through font for easy recognition.

Setting the expiration date

You can set an expiration date on a message, in the Message Options dialog. For this you’ll first have to open the message by double clicking it. You can then find the Message Options dialog in the following way;

Outlook 2010

Open the mail you want flag and then click on “File” tab and then select “Properties” option.

In this dialog you can select the “Expires after” option and set the date and time after which the message would be no longer relevant to you.

These steps can be followed in Windows XP and Windows 7.

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