How to define Send/Receive Groups in Outlook 2010

       you’ve got several POP3 accounts configured in Outlook 2010. There is an account you use only for sending and Another account for only receiving mails. How can you configure the account,where Account should not be included when receiving?

You can modify this in your Send/Receive group configuration in Outlook 2010.

   1. You can open the Send/Receive Groups dialog by pressing the CTRL+ALT+S keyboard shortcut or as an alternative use is by selecting the tab Send/Receive and click on the button Send/Receive Groups and then select Define Send/Receive Groups.


   2. In the Send/Receive Groups dialog press the “Edit” button.

   3. In the left section, select the account for which you want to modify the send/receive settings.

   4. In the Folder Options section you can disable the option for “Receive mail items”.

   5. Press the OK button until you have closed all open dialogs.
These steps can be followed on Outlook 2010 installed in Windows XP and Windows 7


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