How to make Calendar private in Outlook 2010.

          When your friend plan a meeting and are looking at free/busy times, they can see the details of any appointment if they hover the mouse pointer over the appointment.Is there a way to block that?

To prevent them from seeing details via Free/Busy, you can either publish your appointment as Private or you can change the permissions on your Calendar folder.

Mark an appointment as private
If you only want to block certain individual appointments from showing their contents via Free/Busy, then double click to open the appointment and choose;

In the Tags group on the Appointment or Meeting tab, select click the Private button with the lock icon. 

Change permissions:
      In Outlook 2010 you can change the permissions on your Calendar folder to not expose the details for any appointment or meeting via Free/Busy. Currently it is probably set to “Free/Busy time, subject, location”.

   1. Right click your calendar folder and choose Properties.
   2. Select the Permissions tab.
   3. In the Name list select Default.
   4. Change its Permissions Level to “Free/Busy time”.
   5. Press OK to close the dialog.
These steps can be followed in Windows XP and Windows 7


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