Turning off meeting and presentation alerts In outlook 2010

Outlook has various alerts such as the New Mail Desktop Alert and of course the notification sound. we also have some additional alerts set via rules.

When entering a meeting or giving a presentation, all these alerts are not so nice to have anymore.

Apart from closing Outlook, is there any way to turn these alerts off all at once?

If you are using Windows 7, you can put your laptop into Presentation Mode which suppresses all notifications.

Launching Presentation Mode

You can launch Presentation Mode via different methods;

    * By typing “presentationsettings” in the Start Menu Search field
    * Via Windows Mobility Center in Control Panel
    * By launching Windows Mobility Center via the keyboard shortcut; Windows Logo + X

You can also directly enable Presentation Mode via a Start Menu or Run command;
presentationsettings /start

To stop it again via a Start Menu or Run command use;
presentationsettings /stop


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