Switching between Schedule View and Normal view in Outlook 2010

           When selecting multiple calendars in Outlook 2010, it will automatically switch to Schedule View when you select 5 or more calendars. However, you’ll have to disable all the calendars again before it will return back to the normal view again.

Can configure Outlook as when it should switch to Schedule View and back again?

The Schedule view of Outlook 2010 replaces the Group Schedules function which was available in previous versions of Outlook. As it is now fully integrated with the main Outlook interface, Outlook will determine when to use this new view by the amount of calendars that you have selected.

Changing the switching defaults

By default, Outlook will switch to the Schedule view when you select 5 or more calendars and will switch back to the vertical layout when only 1 calendar is selected. If you tend to have more than 1 calendar selected on a regular basis, then setting the switch back option to that amount of calendars would be recommended.

You can change this default via;

First click on File then select “Options”


Now click the option Calendar then under the option “Display options”


Changing back manually

As exceptions are always to occur, you can also simply switch to the Schedule view and back by using the Arrange section on the Calendar’s Home tab. When multiple calendars are selected, the Day/Week/Month view will show them side-by-side again and allows for the Overlay Mode to be used.

These steps can be followed in Windows XP and Windows 7

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