How to backup Signatures in Outlook 2010


        You are moving from your old Windows XP computer to a new computer running Windows 7. you’ve already restored your pst-file but that didn’t include your signatures. How can you move these?

Your pst-file indeed doesn’t include signatures. The signatures are being kept as separate files in the Signatures folder. You can find this folder in the following location;

    * Windows XP
      C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Application Data\Microsoft\Signatures

    *  Windows 7

To see this folder you must have “View hidden files and folders” enabled or you can simply copy and paste the above paths in the address bar in Explorer to directly open the folder.

Quickly access the Signatures folder from within Outlook

Another way to quickly access this folder from within Outlook is to hold the CTRL button on your keyboard when clicking the Signatures… button in Options;

     click on “File” tab then select “Options” now select “Mail” tab and then click on the button “Signatures”

Just copy all the files that you find there to another location to make a backup.


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