How to send SMS thru Outlook 2010

         In Outlook 2010, users have the ability to setup an SMS account that allows you to send and receive text messages using Outlook’s familiar email interface. Before you can send a text message you have to create an account with one of the SMS providers. You then use the account information and add it to Outlook so that it can send/receive SMS messages via the service.

Sent a Text Message with Outlook

Now that we have the SMS account set up, send the first text message using Outlook 2010.

1. Click on the New Items button.

2. Click on Text Message (SMS) from the list.

3. Enter the mobile number you would like to send the message to or choose a contact by clicking on the button.

Note: When you click on the button your contact list will appear.

4. Compose the message you would like to send and click the Send button.

a. You can insert smilies by clicking on them from the list.

b. Notice that a preview of the message you are composing will appear in the Preview pane to the left of the screen.

These steps can be followed in Outlook 2010 in Windows Xp and Windows 7.

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