Blue arrow on Folders in Outlook 2010

            What does the blue arrow icon pointing left and right on a folder mean? Is there something you need to worry about it? What is this icon all about?

This blue double-ended or 2-way arrow icon means that the folder is part of a shared source you are connected to and thus not part of your own mailbox. A shared source could be a mailbox belonging to someone else, a Public Folder, an Internet Calendar or a SharePoint library.

This overlay icon has been introduced in Outlook 2007 and is also used in Outlook 2010. It’s only a visual aid and doesn’t for instance indicate whether or not the folder is cached. Whether or not a shared folder can be cached depends on the type of shared folder and your version of Outlook.

Note that the blue arrow icon isn’t shown on default mail folders which already hold an overlay icon of their own such as the Inbox, Sent Items and Junk E-mail folder.This display shown is from Outlook 2010 installed in Windows 7 and it is same if you have outlook 2010 installed in Windows XP.

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